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FSM Shark Tooth Necklace

As seen in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", worn by Mila Kunis. Not only did we LOVE the movie...but we couldn't take our eyes off Mila (yea, she's stunning) or the NECKLACE. Looks great alone or layered with other necklaces. Edgy yet delicate.  Shown here in Gold, can also be made in 925 Silver - simply select color.  Chain length 16" long with 1" of adjustability - total  length - 17 inches.  The shark tooth is approximately 1" long. 


Made in USA

We LOVE sharks!  Yeah, they can be scary as hell, but maybe that's why we're obsessed. Unfortunately, sharks are in danger of becoming extinct, due to finning.

No Sharks are harmed in the making of the jewelry.

Each and every shark tooth used are from fossilized, excavated shark teeth. Sharks loose hundreds of teeth per week, naturally.  

** No 2 teeth are alike.  Please allow for variations.  Each tooth will have fossil lines of demarkations or holes from where the blood supply fed the tooth. 


Price: $230.00